Anything & Everything with Jeff & Alyssa Bethke

Jeff and Alyssa currently live in Maui with their three year old daughter, Kinsley and one year old boy Kannon. They are the author of the books, Jesus > Religion, It’s Not What You Think, and Spoken For separately, and have co-authored Love That Lasts Together. Besides writing they makes YouTube videos, have an adventure devotional titled 31 Ways Creative Ways To Love & Encourage Him and Her, and host a podcast that can be found on iTunes. They also have a yellow lab named Aslan and enjoy reading good books and drinking good coffee on their down time.
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Jan 27, 2015

Jeff and Alyssa chat about their move across the world to Maui, if girls should lower their expectations since there aren't that many guys out there, and what it means to live under grace upon grace.

Jan 10, 2015

This week Alyssa and Jeff talk about how they got back together after their breakup, how they prioritize family, and how to live by fear instead of love.

Jan 7, 2015
Jan 5, 2015

Jeff And Alyssa continue their relationship story from the previous podcast, talking about their breakup before they got back together. Also they talk about living in cycles, and we take listeners questions that include what to do when you don't feel God.